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Advice on introducing a bottle so DH can feed

DS is 4 weeks tomorrow and is very well established on the breast but now we want to introduce a bottle so DH can feed him. My questions are, how many feedings did should we have DH start with? How should we increase frequency of his feedings? How often should I pump when I don't feed him?

 Any advice is appreciated! I'm looking forward to getting more sleep at night :)

Re: Advice on introducing a bottle so DH can feed

  • I would say that anytime DH feeds, that feeding should be replaced by you pumping. As for how many times DH should feed him is up to you.
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  • We've been doing one bottle a night for DH...and i pump in the morning to get a nice full bottle...and i pump while he feeds her the bottle..but at night its not as much as the morning!
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  • Unfortunately if your DH does a night bottle, you're going to have to get up to pump anyway.  When my DH gives a bottle it's in the evening, because for me it's easier to nurse during the overnight feedings because then I don't have to get out of bed (our LO sleeps in a bassinet next to the bed).  If DH gave her a bottle he'd have to get up, warm it, and I'd have to get up to pump.  So both of us would be getting less sleep than if I just nurse!
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  • ditto the pps - at this point you should always be pumping when a bottle is given.  It replaces the bottle so you don't get behind and keeps telling your body to make the right amount of milk.  Sorry! :-(

    We chose to start with one bottle a day.  We did a mid-afternoon feeding because that was usually a good time for Drew (not too fussy, not overly hungry). 

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  • We started with the last evening bottle (8:30ish) and I would pump while DH gave it to him.  Sorry, but like pps said don't count on getting more sleep by doing this.  I would also pump in the morning after the first daylight feeding, but that was just to start building up a stash.  Good luck!
  • We give DD a bottle of formula after her last feeding of the night. I do not pump...I should but I just don't want to. I don't plan on not giving her that bottle ever, so my body has gotten used to it. I've never had a lot of milk in the evenings. But I think the bottle helps with her bedtime routine - and she was STTN by 4-5 weeks.
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