Carly scared the $hit out of me yesterday — The Bump

Carly scared the $hit out of me yesterday

She put something in her mouth and I just thought it was a cheerio that Braelyn had dropped. No big deal. Well then she kept chewing,,,and chewing...and chewing...(well more like nawing bc she has no teeth!) so I was like she shouldn't be chewing a cheerio that long so I did a finger swipe and she got hold of one of Braelyns Dora gummies. About gave me a heart attack.
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Re: Carly scared the $hit out of me yesterday

  • That is scary. Glad nothing happened.
  • UGH!!  M tries to 'share' with Ashlee ALL.THE.TIME!!!  Gotta be sooo careful!
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  • That happens to us too. DD1 always shares her food so I have to be careful. Glad she is ok! Good catching it!

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  • So glad you caught that!  That is my biggest fear when DD #2 starts crawling around...DD #1 has all her 3+ toy crap that I don't even want to think about ending in DD #2's mouth!!!
  • Now that DS#2 is creeping and rolling all over the floor, this is my biggest fear!  I try to keep everything cleaned up and always do a scan when I lay him on the floor but you just never know!

    Glad you caught it before it became an issue!

    Big E (6) & Little E (2.5)
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