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Breast size changes with BFing?

May be TMI but had to ask anyway. I was relatively small to normal on top before becoming pregnant (34 A to B). One of the first signs of being KU for me was an increase in size.

Now I'm BFing...only 10 lbs more than my PP weight and my chest is still quite large. I can't fit into a single one of my during-pregnancy bras (36 C to D). The engorgement seems to have gone down but will I be this big the entire time of breastfeeding? Once I can workout again, will the girls shrink a little?

I'd like to BF for at least 6 months, if not a year. I'm a runner and I'm trying to figure out what size new sports bras I will need, as well as what size bras to look at for regular wear. I'm a bit worried that running is going to be horribly uncomfortable....eek!




Re: Breast size changes with BFing?

  • I stayed my big supposedly 'engorged' size until about 7 months. I was 32A/B to start, 34B during pg, 34C/D for the longest time, and now am a 32B/C. (When it's about time to eat, I'm the big size; right after, I'm the smaller size.)
  • I'm like you were, small on top before PG (36A or B) and was up to a C cup during PG. I never would have fit into that C cup after baby came, but after about 3 months the size went down. They're still a little bit bigger than they were pre-PG but I never get engorged anymore and the bras I wore in the first few months PP are huge on me now.

    If I were you I'd get a cheap sports bra, so that if you change sizes it's not a waste of $$.

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  • I went up a couple of cup sizes too.  I couldn't even get my sport bras 1/2 on.  I ended up buying a moving comfort bra that has adjustable velcro straps.  I don't remember the exact style name.  It works great, comes in handy if I am wearing it while dd wants to nurse.

    I'd recommend that you keep getting fitted to see if your size changes. 

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