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Nursing Strike

I have been very stressed and in a lot of pain these last couple of days. I have herniated disks in my back. We are discussing surgery. Anyway, I think my DS is feeling the stress because he is rejecting the breast. We just started supplementing because my supply is low and I am having pumping trouble, so that may be it too. I was just wondering if anyone has gone through this and how long it lasted, and what you tried to do to get your LO one to eat? He will still eat, just after he is distracted a little and not too upset. If he is crying, there is no way I can get him to latch on. I have to catch him when he is just waking up and happy or sleeping. It's hard because nursing used to be the only thing that would calm him down and now he won't nurse unless he is calm. TIA!


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BFP #4 10/03/13 EDD 06/09/14 SURPRISE!!! On our way to 2u2!

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