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A happy outcome for us - Au Natural turned to C-sec

At 41 wks (Tues) we went to see my OB and were sent for an NST the next day.   An internal showed only 1 cm dilation.     Wed we had our first NST.  The baby was fine on the NST. The u/s however showed moderately low levels of amniotic fluid.  We were sent to talk to an OB who felt this was a sign that the placenta was starting to deteriorate but that it was ok to leave it a few more days till Friday to give my body time to start birth naturally. If things hadn?t changed I was scheduled for an induction on Friday.    Thurs morning we had another stress test.  The NST was fine again but this time the u/s showed severely low fluid levels. The OB immediately recommended induction and we agreed to get started right away. The plan was to induce until I dilated and then infuse the uterus with saline to simulate amniotic and cushion the baby during birth.  I never even knew something like that was possible but was excited to be able to have a ?natural? birth despite the induction.  While I was on the monitors Olivia?s heart rate dropped a couple of times to below 100 but then recovered.  The doctors told me that this meant that she was compressing her cord (with no fluid to cushion it) but that we could continue as planned and we started the oxytocin (pitocin).  After a few hrs of everything looking good they inserted cervidil (spelling?) to dilate my cervix which was STILL at 1 cm.   Then I rolled over ?..and her heart rate dropped to 80.  I wasn?t watching the monitors but suddenly the nurse came in and an OB, a resident, another nurse and had me start moving around to try get her off her cord.  It took several minutes but suddenly her heart rate came back up.  At this point the OB strongly recommended a c-sec.  I really hesitated b/c that was so far from what we wanted and we?d never discussed it.  We didn?t know this OB and had a hard time reading her as to the severity of the situation.  We eventually agreed to try another technique (foley catheter) to dilate the cervix (after 4 hrs on oxytocin I hadn?t dilated).  After everyone left the room to get started we looked at each other and talked for a moment and quickly came to decide that a c-sec was better.  If the second method hadn?t worked (we were given 50% odds) and her heart rate dropped again we were headed for an emergency c-sec under general anesthetic and my DH wouldn?t be allowed in.  I really think we just needed that moment to get our heads around the change.   Once we informed them of our change of plan we were headed to the OR almost immediately (which cleared up for me how urgent the situation was).  I had a nurse holding a monitor to me the whole time as they moved me b/c they were so worried.  Olivia entered the world 20-30 minutes later.  We were extremely surprised to have a little girl!  Even though a c-sec was the last thing I wanted and I didn?t get to labour naturally at all, the experience was wonderful.  The staff was great at explaining our options and mopping up my tears in the OR (before DH came in).  The look on DH?s face when they handed her to him was breathtaking.  It was still truly the happiest moment of my life.    The OB said there was virtually no fluid in the womb and that the cord had been around her neck and over her shoulder hence the compressions.  I am so grateful to live in a country where I received the medical care that I received. If it hadn?t have been for that u/s there is a strong chance that we would have lost Olivia if we had waited to 42 wks.
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Re: A happy outcome for us - Au Natural turned to C-sec

  • Wow, so glad to hear everything turned out well! Scary scary. Congrats on your healthy baby girl!!
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  • wow, good choice on the csection in the long run!! glad to hear all is well, and congrats on your new baby girl!!!
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  • Glad she made it safe and sound.  Congrats!
  • I'm so glad everything turned out allright for you and your little one. I personally don't have a plan for how L and D will go for instances just like this.  I just want a healthy baby in the end. 
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  • I was thinking about you while I was at the hospital, and wondering if our babies would have the same birthday :)  Looks like they do!

    Congrats on your baby girl!!!

  • Thanks for sharing your story!  I'm so glad things turned out okay.  Congrats on your baby girl!
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