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Last day in the office

Well, this is kind of weird. Exciting, but weird to box up my office.

I ended up agreeing to the p/t WAH deal through the end of May. I figure it will help both me and my employer with the transition. Although earlier this morning my boss was already asking when I thought I'd be ready to start doing some freelance work. :)


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Re: Last day in the office

  • That sounds like a win/ win situation! Enjoy your new job Wink
  • I think I would feel sort of weird too. Sounds like a good deal!
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  • I am so excited for you! Best of luck with packing up your office and the transition :)
  • After the week I had, what I wouldn't give to declare this my last day! LOL!

    Best wishes to you during your WAH time, and as a SAHM!

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  • Congrats Murph!  I bet it does feel a little odd.  Hey, at least you know you can make some extra money if need be! 
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  • Party!!! Yay!!! Congrats, I'm so excited for you!
  • I know exactly how you feel!  I hope your last day went well!

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  • Yay!  Congrats on the last day in the office!
  • Happy Last Day! Sorry that is coming a little late. :)
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