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Uh!!! Attn: Coupon clippers!

Did you know about this? I totally missed it! Boo!

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Re: Uh!!! Attn: Coupon clippers!

  • I missed triples at Lowes too! Bummer!

     I have had issues at HT this week with them not taking coupons that state "do not double or triple". They used to take them, and they did take some but not others. It was strange for sure. My friend ran into the same issue and never had trouble with this before. This really sucks! So many SS printable coupons say this! UGH! 

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  • My step-mom mentioned it but I never made it there.  However, yay for another store doing triples!!
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  • Yeah, I've never personally run into it, but I know a lot of HT's apparently have that policy within their individual stores. I always try to go to the teenage boy cashier who doesn't take the time to look at each of the coupons...hehe. But I've never had an issue at all at my HT (Cornerstone @ Davis Dr in Cary)

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  • A friend of mine told me about this, but I missed it as well. I went on Monday thought and still got some great deals. I only had a few coupons, but I got $15 back in Lowes rewards (from buying cereal and their Full Circle brand items). The cashier told me I got the most rewards cash he had seen ;-)

    That stinks about them not doubling coupons that say "do not double" though. I went to HT today and they tripled my "do not double" coupons".

  • Oh man!  We always shop at Lowe's, and I missed it!  We usually go every Sunday too, but this past weekend, because of the GTG at our house on Sunday, I went Saturday, so we missed it entirely.  What a bummer!

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  • Boo for not taking coupons that say "do not double or triple." Yay for LF getting back on the triple bandwagon! Big Smile

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