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Newborn Diaper Q

He pees straight through the Huggies.  We like Pampers Swaddlers the best, but a NB is a little tight, Size 1 he is leaking up his back (too big).

Any other suggestions?  I have a ton of NB Luvs that someone made into a diaper cake- they feel super thin, but I guess I should give those a try?

He already weighs 9lb, 1oz.  Thanks.


Re: Newborn Diaper Q

  • Diaper sizes can be tricky. We liked the Swaddlers the best, they ran smaller than the Huggies and fit him better. Luvs are thin, but are pretty absorbent.

    Does he leak through the NB Swaddlers? Even if they are fitting snug, if he doesn't leak I would keep using them. 

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  • For the most part I think he leaked the *least* through the NB Swaddlers so I guess we'll stick with those @ the moment.
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  • this may not be your issue but it doesn't hurt to comment...becuase a lot of mom's of boys dont know this befor they have  boy but make sure you point his man bits downwards before putting on the diaper or he will pee straight up!!

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  • Also, this may be a dumb statement, but how often are you changing him, it seems strange that a newborn could leak through a diaper, but I guess it is possible. We were using 8-10 diapers a day a first minimum.



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  • dbert- we feed him every 3-3.5 hours and he eats 3-4 oz (dr. said they typically eat 2oz at this age, but to feed him as much/as frequently as he wants it).  We change him pretty much before each feeding (as he was asleep prior) and then anytime additionally we know he's pooped, smells like pee, etc.  I think any leaks are related to the diaper not fitting and the amt. of food he's sucking down.

    So we're changing him minimum of 8x/day.

  • Are you using the Huggies in the white package or the dark red package? I really like the ones in the dark red. We especially liked them at the NB stage. Maybe try those in size 1, since they have the elastic backs, they are able to adjust to be more snug fitting than Pampers.

    Luvs fit about like Pampers--no elastic. They're pretty decent, but not the best absorbency, IMO. We've had luck with Pampers, Luvs, and Huggies--it's funny though, that one fits better than another at certain stages. Size 3 Huggies fit weird, but now that she's able to wear 4's, they are working well. Size 2 Pampers didn't fit her well, but size 3 did. You just have to keep experimenting! :-)

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