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achase123 .... Which hairstyle did you pick?

And why have you not posted a photo. Waiting lady!!! Hehe
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Re: achase123 .... Which hairstyle did you pick?

  • Well....I went w/ B-sort of.  She did a side bang but it didn't turn out all that great-kind of choppy.  So I had her clean it up last night.  She's taking over the salon of one of my good friends who is AMAZING at doing hair-she's been doing it forever.  The girl taking over is definitely not as experienced.  I wish I would've gotten the cut sooner-by my friend.  It's fine but I hate having to go back and have someone fix something.  I thought she should've noticed it when she did it. 

    It's definitely better since she cleaned it up-I will try to post a picture.....

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