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Another ? about pediatricians

I am also looking for a pediatrician, only I need one in Charlotte.  Would like them to be affiliaed with Presbyterian.  No Carolinas medical.  Had a very bad experience with our last ped. She wasn't there, so we saw the Physican's assistant.  First she got mad at me b/c we were two months behind on shots, looked down on me the wohle time like we weren't going to be able to pay, then told me I needed to stop nursing my son.  I found another couple in the lobby who told me that she told them to stop nursing their 6 month old.  Did this "B" not learn anything in school?  Any suggestions would be great. Thanks in advance!!

Mommy to Jordyn Michelle ae 9.

Re: Another ? about pediatricians

  • What part of Charlotte? 
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  • We go to Dr. Snitz, over off Randolph Road.  He is not affiliated with any hospital that I know of.
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  • We go to Dr Zurawich at Gilead Road Pediatrics and Internal Medicine. They are associated with Presbyterian Huntersville. They're at exit 23 off 77. She supports me BF (still am) and I didn't start solids until 6 months old. . .no problems here, either (so will push you to start them earlier. We've been very happy with her.
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  • I live near Eastland mall, but I do not mind driving wherever.  My old job used to take me all the way into Mooresville, and my hubby works in Gastonia. 

    Mommy to Jordyn Michelle age 9.

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