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breast pain

During the first few weeks of pregnancy, I had the regular sore feeling in my breasts like I get around the time of AF.  It got worse, but then seemed to level out as my boobs got bigger.  They seemed to have stop growing for a while there, but over the last two days I've been feeling more of a sharp pain in particular areas that comes and goes.  Could this be another growth spurt or b/c the breasts are producing colostrum?  Did your breasts grow throughout the entire 9 months or did they go through growth spurts?

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  • Not sure what it could be, but I'm pretty positive that you don't start producing colostrum until much later in the pregnancy, right towards the very end, and some women don't produce any till after delivery. And when you do produce it, I've never heard of it causing any pain.

    Mine barely grew, thank God. They just got slightly fuller and I think it was a gradual thing throughout the whole pregnancy.

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  • I read somewhere that your body starts producing it between 3 and 4 months and that it can leak towards the end of the pregnancy.
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  • it's probably more growing and stretching.  So many new things happen during pregnancy.
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  • imageMrsLeanna:
    it's probably more growing and stretching.  So many new things happen during pregnancy.

    LOL!  It's crazy!  I actually have cleavage now which I'm trying to hide at work since I work at a middle/high school.  The pain was so sharp, too, that when I touched that spot it got worse!

  • Oh okay, never heard that about colostrum being produced so early. I never leaked but I had it after I delivered so I assumed that you didn't make it, if at all, until 3rd tri. Regardless, though, producing it shouldn't cause you pain.
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  • I got a lot of those in the beginning. They can be pretty uncomfortable. I was never sure what they were but I figured they were normal. :)
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  • I still get pain every so often now so I wouldn't doubt that it can be related to colostrum/milk production. My boobs grew during the first half of the pregnancy and then stopped growing, thank God!
  • I don't think the pain has anything to do with the production of colostrum. Your body goes through so many changes. Maybe it's just the stretching?

    I had large breasts to begin with. The growth was minimal in my case. I felt more full but my cup size did not change while I was pregnant. I did however have to go up one band size. I never experienced any breast pain and did not leak until after I gave birth.

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  • I leaked something minimal 2 days ago. It hasnt happened again, but i am only 24 wks. And the soreness has definitely gone away since about 2 weeks ago this way. They are definitely bigger, but not hurting anymore. phew. Big Smile
  • AlbahAlbah member
    Most of my growing occured in the 1st trimester with some discomfort. It calmed down and got another mini spurt in the 2nd's calmed down since then. lol Some mommies do leak during the pregnancy since the milk does start producing earlier than we think. ;)
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