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healthy foods w/ high calories...

I know I should not be worried about Nic's weight since my dr is not but yesterday right before his bath he looked too skinny.  He has always been small but I think the last two months have really taken a toll on his little body.  He has been sick on and off for 2 months straight and when he gets a fever (which has been a ton) he doesn't eat.  So what can I add to his diet that is high in calorie but healthy?  TIA!

Re: healthy foods w/ high calories...

  • We are still trying to calorie load Scott to some degree since he is still really small for his age from being a preemie.  I put olive oil in things he eats--coat pasta in it, add it to vegetables when cooking them, etc.  We also try and give him dairy products made from whole milk--yogurt, and cheeses (no low fat kinds).  We also give him french toast sticks in the morning which aren't necessarily healthy but give him a calorie boost for the day.  :)  We try to take advantage of times of the day he is really hungry which is usually about 4:30/5 pm until bed time.  We give him a snack at 5 and let him each almost as much as he wants, do dinner around 6:30pm, and then we'll offer a snack before we go upstairs to get ready for bed.  Sometimes he's a bottomless pit in the afternoons/evenings so we let him fill up!

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  • will he eat avocado? this site says a medium one has 276 calories.

    I can't imagine a toddler wanting to eat a whole one..

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  • avacado is high in fat but its good fat!  peanut butter, cheese, whole grains, yogurt, protein ( i feel like i read somewhere that you should try and have a decent ammount of protein at every meal to help gain weight but i'm not positive), fruits are higher calorie then veggies, pasta/potatoes, hope that helps!
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  • thanks for the advice...I think I'll be loading up every piece of toast with peanut butter.
  • What about tofu?  We "hide" that in turkey meatballs for Ella.  Also - I read somewhere that you can add flaxseed oil to just about anything they eat to boost the calories. 
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