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Homebirth/waterbirth on TLC today

Just thought some of you might want to check this out. 

TLC has a homebirth/waterbirth on A Baby Story today at 1:00.  It's nice to see something like this on a mainstream show since so many of the births they show are hospital/medical/managed births. 

Re: Homebirth/waterbirth on TLC today

  • I'll have to tune in and watch.  I usually turn it off because most of the birth stories on there scare me and that is the last thing I need 6 weeks before my EDD.  lol
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  • My midwife told me that one of these shows once featured a homebirth of twins that was attended by a midwife she knew.  She said that despite the fact that everything went great, the show made it seem like everything turned out okay despite x, y, and z (x, y, and z being drama that they created). 

    Every once in awhile, I'll tune in to one of those shows, and every time I am annoyed by how they make birth out to be a medical crisis.  (Of course, once in awhile there IS a medical crisis involved, but with most births there's not.)

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  • ITA I frickin' love it when they actually show a birth like that.  I saw one on a different show that was a waterbirth in a birthing center.  So refreshing to see those stories.
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    Ok up until this point I have strictly been a lurker but I just had to say, that was my midwife Vicky! She's awesome!

    That's so cool!  :) 

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