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Sorry I've been MIA...

It was March of Dimes last week and now work this week that just has me swamped so I've not been able to keep up w/everyone like I normally do.  Also I don't talk about it a lot but Harm has special needs and Callum is having some problems too (he just flunked his hearing test for the 3rd time and is very delayed) so I'm reorganizing both of thier Early Intervention Teams as well and doing a lot of follow up testing with them.

Welcome newbies!!!!  Glad you are here.  If anyone needs anything just PM me or email me at: [email protected]  I'm keeping my eyes for good news!  

I should be back in the swing of things Thurdsay!  If I have time late at night I will try and catch up w/ya'll a little before than Smile  I miss ya!

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Re: Sorry I've been MIA...

  • It's nice to see you back, I've been MIA too and had no idea I was missed until Queenbone, Bride526, hoping4more and Firsttogo were in a thread that was paging me saying they missed me.  I got teary-eyed too (damn PG hormones).
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  • Busy is better than bored but I doubt that's part of your vernacular anymore ;-)

    I hope your "late night free time" resting. The threads will be here! Don't stress yourself out to catch up - you need to be a well rested and happy mama!
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  • Good to see you back.....however, i just know that you are extremely busy these days, so it doesn't surprise me at all!!!!
  • Get some rest but know that we do miss you!
  • So glad to see you back, but take it easy and get rest.
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  • Great to see you back! 
  • Sounds like you have a lot on your plate keeping you busy.  It's nice to see you on here when you get the chance.  GL with getting everything in order for the boys. :)
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