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Uppababy Visa (minor) problems...anyone else?

DH and I did a lot of research before purchasing out VISTA.  We immediately put it together and took it for a stroll when getting home from the store.  After spending some major dough on a stroller, we were disappointed to find:

1. the handle bar makes a clicking noise no mater what setting it is on and never securely locks into position.  So it rattles a little when you pull on it.

2. the sun canopy does not stay tight, it retracts back and is really floppy.

3. the right back tire where the break is makes a clicking noise.  

I know these are not major, but when you are paying $700 for a stroller (we had $500 in gift cards), you expect it to be perfect.  I called Buy Buy Baby where we bought it and they are going to take a look at it and try to fix the problems, but it is so annoying to deal with!  Anyone else have these problems?
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