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Eleanor's birth story - long and late!

It?s crazy late but here?s our story!

February 20th ? DH and I went out to do some last minute baby shopping. We walked the mall and stores all day and then went home and cleaned the house from top to bottom. I felt great, tons of energy and so much got done! In the middle of the day I lost my mucus plug so I really felt like things were progressing.

February 21st ? Woke up exhausted and super sore. MIL and FIL came up to see the nursery and wanted to go shopping so we went back to the mall and out to lunch. After a couple of hours I told everyone that I needed to go home because I was just too tired/sore to shop!

February 22nd ? Worst day of my life! It snowed so most of my coworkers were able to work from home (we have a business continuity plan that I?m not a part of) so it was just me, my boss and a couple of other members of the team. I have a desk job so I have to sit most of the day and I was so uncomfortable I wasn?t sure how I was going to make it through the day. There was so much pressure on my pelvis that I could tell the baby had dropped. I kept crying at my desk and going to the bathroom. That night I went to bed and prayed that I would go into labor so that I wouldn?t have to go to work again the next day.

February 23rd 3:00am ? I woke up and realized I was leaking. My first thought was ?am I peeing the bed?? and then I realized I had no control over it: my water had broke! I woke my husband up and told him that we had to go to the hospital (I was Strep B positive and my doctor said if my water broke to go right to the hospital). We hadn?t finished packing our bags yet, so DH got started finishing that up and I changed my clothes.. Around 3:30 I felt the first contraction. It felt like a bad menstrual cramp. At this point DH was in shock and I was just really, really excited!

4:30am - We arrived at the hospital where I was examined on the L&D floor. I told the nurse my water had broke and she said ?we?ll see?. She used a test strip on my and said if my water had broke the strip would turn dark blue. Well it didn?t change colors at all. I told her that I was really sure my water had broke and she didn?t believe me. She said she?d do an internal exam with the strip and it was still negative. I again said I know my water broke and she said ok, cough for me. So I did and water gushed out. She was floored. The whole time I was at the hospital this was the only nurse I didn?t like lol! She checked and said that I was 2 ? 2.5 cm.

6:30 ? My L&D nurse checks me again (different nurse, never saw the first one again) and I?m at 2.5-3cm. She calls my dr. and is told to start pitocin. I told her that I really didn?t want any pitocin (I wanted no pain medicine and I had heard that pitocin makes contractions more painful). My nurse said that was fine and she would convey that to my doctor. She said it was her job to be my advocate and make sure things went the way I wanted them to. She asked me if I wanted a doula (our hospital has a program where you get a volunteer one) and I said yes, so she started trying to call one in.  DH and I started walking the halls to help things along. At this point my contractions were not very bad, still just like strong cramps.

9:30 ? My dr. arrives and checks me herself. I?m still only at 3cm. She said that my body wasn?t really making much progress and that she was worried about infection. She said that I could not use the pitocin and they?d monitor the baby very closely but if anything happened to her heart rate a C/S would be necessary. Well she talked me into it and at 9:45 they started the pitocin drip. That?s when things got interesting. 15 minutes later my contractions intensified and I felt like I needed to go to the bathroom. My DH helped me over to the toilet and I didn?t want to leave it! The nurse walked in and said let me check you again (at this point it was only 45 minutes since my dr. had checked me) and I was at 4.5. She asked if I wanted to get in the labor tub and I said yes. Suddenly with my next contraction I felt like I had to push! Way too soon for that. DD?s head was all the way back against my rectum . She filled the tub and I managed to get in and labored in there for 30 minutes or so, but my contractions intensified to an incredible level. I had cluster contractions with no breaks in between. I felt like my insides were being pulled out. Not only were they one on top of another but they lasted so long! With every contraction I felt the urge to push and my DH and the nurse had to help me remember to breathe and push away the pain. Focusing on my husband?s eyes was the only thing that got me through this. He stayed by my side and did anything I asked. I?ve never needed him more.

11:45 - The urge to push is so strong now I really can?t fight it much longer. The nurse checks me again and I?m at 9.5! She tells my husband that she hopes my dr.makes it back!

12:00 - My dr. and doula arrive at the same time and suddenly it's time to push with the next contraction. I do and it is the MOST amazing feeling in the world! I felt my daughter slide down inside of me! I didn?t count the pushes but before I knew it she was crowning! They asked if I wanted to touch her but I really didn?t want to! I was determined that she?d be out with the next push.

12:20 ? Eleanor Briar was born! 7lbs 10oz, 19in; she had a full head of dark hair and cried as soon as she slid out! They laid her on my chest and I fell in love. I delivered the placenta with the next contraction and we chose to donate her cord blood so my dr. took care of all that. As painful as labor was being stitched up afterwards was worse! She kept giving me locals (I had 4) and they did nothing! I felt every stitch! To get through it I did my breathing and stared at DD in DH?s arms. When they were done DH gave her back to me. She really wasn?t hungry and we couldn?t get her to breastfeed, but we cuddled and she stayed in the room with us for 2 hours before she went to the nursery. All in all it was an amazing experience and I wouldn?t have wanted it any other way!


Eleanor Briar, born February 23rd, 2010
Valentine Laurel, born August 26th, 2012
Beatrice Hazel, born October 3rd, 2014

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