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OC to SF car ride at 34 weeks

I'm due Sept 10 and my MIL is planning a shower in the bay area the last Saturday in July when I'll be over 34 weeks.

I'm nervous about being in the car for 5-6 hours each way. We'd drive Friday night and come back Sunday morning. It'd be a lot cheaper to drive instead of flying since we'll be carpooling with another couple.

 Does anyone think it's a bad idea or not a big deal?




Re: OC to SF car ride at 34 weeks

  • It's hard to gauge how you'll feel at 34 weeks. Have you had a relatively uneventful pregnancy so far? I would ask your doctor and make sure you bring a hospital bag with you (just in case!) but as long as doc ok's it and you stop every couple of hours to walk around a bit, I think you'll be alright. Uncomfortable, swollen feet, and probably a touch pissy...but alright. I actually don't think an airline (or doctor) would let you fly at 34 weeks anyhow so driving is really your only option.
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  • I flew to NJ at 33 weeks for work. It was fine but I had a normal, easy pregnancy. I checked with my dr. beforehand as well.

    DH and I also did a road trip at 36 weeks to AZ. It fine except for the bathroom breaks. Just check with your dr.

  • There's no way in hell I could/would have done that drive at 34 weeks.  But I was pregnant with twins, so maybe that is why.

    After 2 rounds of IVF & 2 rounds of FET, we were blessed with identical twin girls!

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  • Where do you live in OC?   I live in Aliso Viejo and am due 9/10 also!!

    When I was prego with my daughter we made a lot of trips to Lake Havasu - about a 5 hour drive when pulling the boat.  We stopped going when I was 33 weeks, but I will tell you - those were the LONGEST 5 hour drives ever!  I think we had to stop at least evey hour so I could pee (and I even made sure not to drink too much water to help with that), stretch, and relive the pressure on my belly.   It's totally do-able, but I'd rather fly!

    Have you considered flying by yourself, and meeting your DH and other couple there?  That way you don't have to endure the long drive, only have the cost of one flight and can send all your gifts back in the car??


    Good luck!

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  • Hi!

    I'm in Anaheim Hills and its really nice my DH family is planning a shower. I just wish SF was closer! I have a Dr. appt next Wednesday so I'll ask then although my ob seems so laid back I bet he'll say sure go! ha ha

    I've had a really good pregnancy nothing to worry about so far, just bad 'morning sickness' in the first trimester. So I think I'll be okay just dreading the long drive. I used to get carsick even before being pregnant. I like your idea about keeping the door open for me to fly alone if I end up feeling bad later on.

    yay i'm excited we have the same due date. My newest nephew was born 9/16/09 so I wonder if I'll be late and be super close to his bday. I think my sis law wishes I stick to my due date so the boys have their own bdays. It's a little bit of pressure! Confused


  • yes i've had a really good pregnancy so far. I'm working and trying to stay in good shape. I really hope I'm in good spirits at 34 weeks for the drive. Smile
  • omg! So good to hear you went on trips and were totally fine!!

    How long did you work until? That's what I'm on the fence about. I wonder how long Ican be at work until it's time. My good friend worked up until the day before so I hope I can be as tough.

  • Then you should be fine. Just talk to your dr. first.

    I worked until my due date. DH was almost a week late. I wanted to work up to delivery but DH told me to give it up and relax. I went back to work after 3 weeks.

  • back to work after 3 weeks! you rock!

    It seems like so many ladies are late, I'd really like to be on time! I heard walking regularly gives you a better shot at delivering on your actual due date. It's just from friends saying things but I think I'll do it.

  • My doctor said no traveling inlcuding long car rides after 32 weeks.
  • really? I have my next appt next Wednesday I'm so curious to see what he thinks. :) Thanks for the post
  • I ended up giving birth at 34 weeks and 2 days so I wouldn't have because I was so uncomfortable at that point.  Ask your Dr.


    Also, even though it would be cheaper, the 1 hour plane flight would be far more worth it to me.  Have you checked into flying into Oakland?  I live up here now and usually can get flights from Oak to Long Beach for less than 100.

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