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Clomid, egg production and u/s ??'s

Being my first medicated cycle I have lots of questions!

  I took clomid CD3-7 this month (I O on my own but later) I went in for my bloodwork and u/s on Monday, CD11  and the RE said that I wasnt ready for the trigger that night but to come back Weds for another u/s & most likely trigger Weds night.  He checked my lining- that was 7mm (I think) and looked good.  He also said that he expected my estrogen level to be higher because I produced more than one egg due to the clomid.  I know I heard him say 17 and 12 to the nurse during the u/s- there were other numbers that I dont remember but none higher than 17.

So, I will go back tomorrow and see what he has to say but for now I am wondering- if you produce more than one egg on clomid do they all mature enough to be released with the trigger and fertilized?  Or do some just degenerate as they would in an unmedicated cycle?    I hope this makes sense!  I am sure the RE will cancel the trigger if it looks like there are too many mature eggs.  Any experience with this?

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Re: Clomid, egg production and u/s ??'s

  • Yes, you can call up, mature, release and fertilize a lot more than 1 egg in some instances. You really need to ask your RE how many you're dealing with - I'm really surprised they didn't tell you.

    17mm for a follicle is getting close (most RE's want to see 18+) so if that WAS a follicle measurement, you're on track.
  • ditto. You've got to see what's maturing/how many are maturing before you trigger if you have a lot of follies.

    This last cycle (when I got my bfp), I had 32 on the left and 28 on the right, BUT only 1 was mature when I triggered. There was a slim chance another caught up from the day of my u/s (Thursday morning) until I triggered (Friday morning), but since my next largest follie was only 13 it wasn't likely.

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  •  I had 32 on the left and 28 on the right...  OMG!  Thats alot of eggs :)

    Thanks for the info- I am not all that surprised that the RE didnt tell me how many eggs I produced.  My guess is that he is waiting until tomorrow AM to see how many are actually ready to go and then he will let me know if I can go ahead and trigger or not.  That will be one of my very first questions during the u/s if he doesnt mention it first.

    Wish me luck!


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  • Im a little new to this so this question might sound dumb- i apologize if it does....what is a trigger?

    My dr. just put us on clomid 50mg this month (though we've filled the script, we've opted to give it one more month on our own). She told me to take it days 5-10 and then i'll drop an egg and just have sex like crazy...she didnt mention a "trigger"



  • nevermind- on the question above....i googled. Im guessing that because i ovulate on my own- there is no need for the HCG trigger.
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