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I went to Dunkin Donuts this morning to get my morning coffee and had no cash, so I pulled out my Wachovia card - declined.  Um, $1.93 declined?  So I check our checking account and there is plenty in there, so I call DH and make sure he didn't do anything or get a call from the bank.  Nope.

Ok, go to lunch and try to use card again - declined.  Finally, I call Wachovia and they tell me that they canceled my card because they got return mail when they tried to send me stuff, and will send me a new card in 7-10 days. No call, no letter, no email, nothing.  Just declined card and me looking like a moron.  Lucky I wasn't trying to get gas or something!  But seriously, wtf?  

Re: NBR: A GIANT wtf?

  • yet another reason we're leaving wachovia/WF.

    i've had this issue with them before but they cancelled my card since they thought the transactions i had made were fraudulent. flat out cancelled instead of verifying i made them!

    that sucks, i'm sorry Sad

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  • Wachovia sent my new check card to our old address that we hadn't lived at for two years, despite the fact that our new address is on everything else associated with the bank! So, I couldn't get cash or anything until I got it, then when I got the new card, I still couldn't use it. Turned out that since it was a brand new card, they had to send me a new PIN, but they took another week to send that out.

    GRRRRR.... That's the kind of ridiculous hassle that drives me nuts.

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  • Oh I would have been pissed.  That happened to my DH, he was using an expired card.
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