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Moving to Nashville

I am 30 weeks pregnant and currently living in Knoxville. I will be relocating to Nashville in a couple of weeks. I grew up there so I know I want to deliver at Baptist Hospital but I am looking for a good OB GYN! Give me your thoughts! :)


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  • I don't know from experience, but I've heard Ann Anderson from Baptist is good. You could look up the OB's on the Baptist website and google reviews for them?
  • We really liked our OB, Lynn Driver at Women's Medical Associates of Nashville (615) 329-6745

    She delivers at both Baptist and Centennial Women's hospital.  We went with Centennial after touring both because we felt it was smaller and more personable.  We were really happy with that decision.

    Good luck!



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  • I absolutely love my Doctor. I am 34 weeks and his office is in the buliding right next to the main hospital. His name is Jeffrey Draughn. 1-615-284-2929 He is very personable and he along with the rest of his staff make you feel very comfortable. Good luck!!


  • I'm opposite of you...moving to Knoxville from Nashville this summer.  I delivered at Vanderbilt and had a wonderful experience, so I wouldn't rule that out.  And they have a great new facility at 100 Oaks that was convenient for me.  My OB was Angela Wilson-Liverman and she is GREAT!  So sad to be leaving her. 

     What's the scoop in Knoxville?  The best hospital, etc....I'm just starting to do some research.

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  • Dr. Richard Presley is great - an older man, has delivered tons of babies, and has a gentle and laid-back style, which is great for me as a first-time mom who MAY tend to freak out about everything. :)  At our first appointment, he held hands with my husband and me and said a sweet prayer that our baby would be healthy and that I would have no complications.

    I think he delivers generally at Centennial, so that may be a deal breaker for you.

    Welcome to Nashville, best of luck with everything.

    (I am also considering Vanderbilt Midwives, because I think I'd rather try this first one without interventions.  But if I go OB, it'll be Dr. Presley.)

  • FYI- Dr. Presley and Dr. Draughn are in the same practice and both deliver at Baptist and Centennial.  I see Dr. Draughn and love him.  He's got such a great bedside manner and was wonderful throughout my horrific ordeal (severe pre-e and pregnancy induced congestive heart failure resulting in delivery at 28 weeks and a subsequent 1 week ICU stay for me on a ventilator- DD was in the NICU of course).  That said, if I had to choose a doc in that practice it would NOT be Dr. Presley.  Prior to being admitted to the hospital for pre-e, I had been coughing up pink mucus during the night and called the doc's office.  Dr. Presley was on call and his advice to me was to "take some Nyquil and go back to bed."  Luckily I didn't take his advice.  Any medical professional will tell you that someone coughing up pink mucus warrants a trip to the ER.  I was really disappointed in his response. That's my experience with Dr. Presley, FWIW. 
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