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Sitting while babywearing?

I have a Beco, which I love and so does DD when we are walking etc. We plan to bring her to a few ball games over the summer. I tried to sit with her in the Beco and she was pissed. It was very uncomfortable.

Any suggestions on a different carrier for sitting? Or suggestions on making sitting comfortable with the Beco?

Thank you!


Re: Sitting while babywearing?

  • you can try unbuckling the waistbelt, but like your LO, I hate sitting in the Beco.

    A ring sling is a really comfy sitting option (we use it a lot when we fly)

  • I really like a wrap to sit in (and so does Keevie). She will actually go to sleep in a wrap when we're sitting (unlike our Ergo, Beco, Mei Tai, etc).

    I don't have a lot of money to spend on wraps though... so I made my own. I got 3 for $35. I plan on buying a "real" wrap in a few months, but for now, with my 14 lb daughter, my DIY ones work wonderfully. 

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  • DD doesn't like it when I sit in the Beco or Ergo unless she is sleeping.  I usually have to be moving a lot if she is awake. 
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