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Olivia's C-section Birth Story

On Wednesday April 21st (My 11 year old sister's birthday!) I had my 39 week appointment. I went in with a feeling I was about to be induced, and what do you know I was right! I had +3 protein in my urine and the doctor said that is a sign of toxemia (spelling ?) He said that he wanted to get me started that evening on Cervadil and then start me on Pitocin Thursday morning. At 5 am Thursday morning they removed the Cervadil and started the Pitocin. I only dilated to 2 cm by 1pm, so the doctor decided to break my water. This was an interesting feeling for sure! The fluid was clear Yes, good sign. after about an hour of pretty intense contractions I decided that I was ready for something to dull the pain so they gave me demerol (?) through the IV, I was veryyyyy loopy! After about another hour they started the epidural, I was finally relaxing and letting things progress and long behold the doctor checks me at 8:30 pm, I made it to 5 cm! bad news? That was all the further I was going to go, apparently my body was not made to pass a baby through the birth canal. C-Section time! They gave me something to settle my stomach, which ended up coming back up along with the entire cup of grape juice I had just drank. They wheeled me in, and got started. At 9:33 pm on Thursday evening Olivia Jade-Elaine was born! I was so afraid of the c-section, but after it was all said and done, it wasn't as bad as everyone makes it out to be. I would do it all over in a heartbeat. Miss Olivia scored a 10 on the apgar scale, she weighed 6 lbs even, and was 17.5 inches long and healthy as can be! I just got home earlier today, they had to keep me due to my high blood pressure which is getting under control now. Breast feeding is going GREAT, absolutely the most rewarding thing imaginable. I could not ask for a happier baby. 6 days, and you can't even see where they cut me! My doctors and nurses were amazing, and my whole birth experience was wonderful. This first time Mom is definitely going to be creating a bigger family! I hope you enjoyed reading this, oh, and I just had to tell this little story to get a giggle out of you..

After they gave me the "loopy drug" but before the epidural I was veryyy uncomfortable (contraction wise) my hips were sore, so I decided with my entire family in the room, that I needed to get on all fours to ease the pain. When I did this, a giant gush of fluid poured out of me along with the pee I had been trying to hold. My Mom and Best friend almost died laughing, they had to change my bottoms and help me pee in the "hat" 3 times before they finally came in to give me the epidural. Big Smile

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