Best diaper bag for twins?

hi girls - I'm looking for recommendations on diaper bags for twins. I'm thinking a backpack style would be best since it'll leave my hands free? Anyone like any particular brands? I think the Petunia Pickle ones are super cute but have read reviews that they snag and lose their shape - am I better off buying something more durable? thanks!

Re: Best diaper bag for twins?

  • I like the JuJuBee bags... I was thinking of getting one in the backpack style, but my mom talked me out of it.  This is the one I'm going to get.  I've read good reviews on them.  I hope you find a cute one!  It's so fun to shop for stuff like this!


  • the ppb's are really nice.  i decided to get a vera bradley back pack.  love it.  big, durable, washable, and so many fun patterns to choose from (IF you like that sort of thing!). 

    we also have a skip hop duo messenger, which allows handsfree.  this is technically dh's, and is black.  but there are other colors/patterns available.

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  • it's a really personal thing - some women like backpacks, some don't. I personally am not a fan - i like my bag on my side so i can reach in - and i like one big strap (2 straps tend to fall off my shoulder b/c i overstuff even the biggest bag).

    I have had many diaper bags - i get a new one almost every season- like I used to do with purses - now i don't use them :) I have had expensive ones and super cheap ones and loved them all - the Fleurville mothership was one I loved - nice and big. I'm using a Carters one I found at BRU the other day that is a little bigger than the mothership - and love it- random find for $40!

    don't spend a ton on your first diaper bag if you think you might like to change them up now and then - figure out what works best for you then you'll know what to bother spending money on.

  • I have two Petunia Pickle Bottoms (one boxy backpack that can also be worn on the shoulder and one shoulder bag) and I like them both a lot.  The boxy backpack is bigger.   This is the shoulder bag I have: This is the boxy backpack I have (in a different pattern): I have the glazed material for both.  So easy to wipe down the outside. 
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  • I bought a Fleurville Mothership bag.  It's definitely cute and thus far, seems very durable.  Frankly though, I wish it was twice its size.  I feel like it's not quite big enough for everything, especially since I don't want to carry my own purse on top of a diaper bag when I'm out.  So I want enough room for my wallet, sunglass case, cell phone and a couple of other small items. 

    I'm still on the hunt for our perfect bag...

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  • I personally found a backpack to be the best way to go. I bought an expensive diaper bag and I did use it in the beginning but as they got more active it was just easier to have two hands free. I bought this one...

    Now I've switched to an addidas backpack. The nice thing about a very plain backpack is that my husband is also willing to wear it...

  • I do have the JuJuBe Packabe.. but it's not super huge.. this might be the diaper bag I use for short trips.. the larger outings, I'll probably get the Be Prepared Diaper Bag (think it's pretty large and should meet all my needs).  Only downfall is that they are pretty expensive $180.




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  • I have a backpack one and love it but, what fouled me up was the stroller.  I wanted to be like the other moms and put the diaper bag across the stroller hand bars.  so, now we have 2 diaper bags (actually, I swapped dh for his since he hardly needs it).
  • Thanks everyone! I'm going to check out every one of these. Really appreciate it.

  • I got the Skip Hop Duo Double Deluxe.  It fits on the back of twin strollers.  I haven't used it yet, obviously, but to me it was a great size.  I also got a regular size diaper bag for quick outings.
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  • We also have the Skip*Hop bag and it's great. It's massive inside with a bunch of pockets and a huge strap that can fit around the jogging stroller handlebar. I think it's best for when they're little and you need a billion diapers/wipes/bottles/bibs/layers to lug around.

    Now that mine are toddlers, it has become way too cumbersome to bring out, so I only ever do if we're out ALL day. Otherwise, I prefer a backpack. When you're running after two toddlers, it's nice to have something that fits squarely on your back and doesn't slip off your shoulder and smack one in the head when you try to pick both up at the same time :o

  • Ok i must share this because I had the same dillemma. I wanted a really cute diaper bag that held enough for twins..... I posted the same thing and got a great recommendation of the JUJUBE BE PREPRARED.... it is the only one i have found that is big enough for twins. The designs arent super cute but u can find a nice one and they seem so functional... i havent got mine yet but i am very excited and think it will be great. hope this helps!!!!
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