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Feeling baby move at 17 weeks!

I know don't freak it's baby 3 and I'm super skinny.  I've been feeling LO move for over a week now and finally today I could feel it on the outside of my belly as well :)  DH was thinking I was letting him get frisky when I quickly snatched his hand and threw it just down the top of my pants, but I wanted him to feel and he was just as amazed as I am!  Grow baby grow, you are so very strong already!!
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Re: Feeling baby move at 17 weeks!

  • That's so exciting! Can't wait for that feeling!

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  • How exciting!! I cannot wait for that moment when I feel LO inside! Congrats!
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  • I'm jealous! I feel LO move inside every day now, which is amazing (especially being my first) but I get mad when I can feel it but not show DH. Not fairrr. But I know it will happen soon enough!
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  • This one is my first and I first felt her move at 17 weeks! I'm also just 100 pounds though too. :) definitely amazing! congrats on feeling it!
  • How exciting!!!  I was able to feel my baby girl move last night for the first time from the outside!  It was AMAZING!  I cant wait for DH to feel her!

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