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New and trying to set up a ticker..not loading!

Not a serious post, but I just joined and want to build a personal PG ticker and when I click on "tools" and "tickers", nothing loads.  I have a MAC. Any ideas?

Me: now over 40, careerwoman; DH: 34 love of my life
Blood work, anatomy and his SA = in fine shape say drs
Our journey so far:
7/09: BFP m/c 6w s/e/p, 2 rounds methotrexate
4/10 BFP m/c 6w D& was a boy :(
6/10-2/11 TTC naturally, BFNs
3/11: Clomid cycle, BFN
4/11-9/11 TTC naturally, BFNs
10/11 IUI #1 BFN
Have to breathe over next few months.
Feb 2012: IVF #1, max stims, only 3 retrieved, all fertilized, only 1 transferred on Day 3. BFN.
RE says move to DE. DE it is.
DE IVF #1 - 10/29: 12 eggs retrieved, 10 fert. 11/2: Day5 transfer 2 'perfect' blasts. 4 blasts on ice. 11/11: Beta #1 at 9dp5dt = 72.7 11/13: Beta #2 at 11dp5dt: 30.3 c/p :( WTF appt 11/27: RE a little dumbfounded. Checking Thyroid panel again, Hysterogram as well; FET most likely in Jan. '13.have reconsidered a parallel path of adoption.
PAIF&SAIF always welcome
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