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just got my first wrap....

a 4.6 BB Slen.  I'm so intimidated!! I used a Moby without issue, but this is scary.  Where do I start??
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Re: just got my first wrap....

  • Start with what you know- a pocket wrap cross carry. Depending on your size, you might have to tie in back- I could wrap the moby back around my front, but have to tie my wovens in the back. Not a big deal, unless I sit down. lol

    Then, a front wrap cross carry, which is basically a PWCC inside out. :)

  • I just sent a FB message to a friend about using her new wrap, so I'll just copy and paste it in here in case it might help you :)

    Ok, here are my fav wrap carries. There are seriously like a million different carries that you can do, but these are the most common.

    One to start with - Front Wrap Cross Carry

    My favorite for going out (especially if we are running errands and she is in and out) because it is 'poppable' - meaning I can pre-tie it at home and pop her in and out whenever I'm out without having to untie and re-wrap - Front Cross Carry
    (Just as a side note, there is also a version of this for shorter wraps called the Short Cross Carry, that we use all the time with my 3.6 meter wraps).

    The best back carry to start with - Rucksack Carry

    My absolute favorite back carry...a bit trickier to get the hang of, but so so comfy and what we wear around the house all the time (in fact she was just in it for an hour when I got your message while I cleaned the house!) - Double Hammock Carry

    This is also a popular one, but we haven't used it much yet. Tons of people like it though, so I'll throw it out there - Back Wrap Cross Carry

    For back carries, there are several different ways to get the baby on your back. There's the 'santa toss' (the one in the videos I sent you and the one that I find easiest), the 'hip scoot', and the 'superman toss'. So if you aren't comfortable doing the santa toss, just youtube those words and you'll find some other examples.

    Also, if you are looking for a ton more info, have you been to I regularly check out the forums on there (especially 'choosing and using a wrap' and 'chatter - wrapper's paradise). I learned a ton from reading on there. There are a bazillion different tutorials on carries you can try. 

    Hope that helps :)

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  • thanks, ladies.  i'm just going to have to work at it.  i'm so excited....already have a 2.7 on order!! 
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