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Cloth and disposable diapers- what do you use as a pail?

I plan to use cloth full time. I am having a csection because LO is breeched and Dh will be doing the changing in the beginning and he will be using disposables.  I also might be using disposables longer if LO has a problem with his hips from being breeched. So I am not sure what type of pail to get, I guess I am thinking I need two. I did get a wet bag pail liner from planet wise but it is so big I guess it fits a large pail with a lid. But then if I use disposables where should I put those, unless I get two trash cans? I dont think 2 pails are going to fit in the nursery?  TIA! 
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Re: Cloth and disposable diapers- what do you use as a pail?

  • I had a c-section as well b/c DD was breech.   I used disposables the first couple weeks because I didn't want to deal with having to wash cloth dipes on top of all the other "new" things I'd be dealing with.  We started using cloth BG 3.0s when she was around 8 weeks old.   I use a large Simple Human trash can (flip top with a foot pedal) with a Wahmies liner.   It can hold a lot of cloth dipes and it does a good job keeping the odor in.  DD's daycare does not allow cloth dipes, so she's in disposable during the day.   I use a small SH trash can for disposables.  It works well and doesn't take up a lot of space. 


  • We use disposable and just tie each dirty one (not the wet, just poopy) in a plastic grocery bag and toss in the regular trash. That's what we do now that his poo is very stinky :) In the beginning, I'd just throw them in the kitchen or bathroom trash, and take it out daily.
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  • My Wetbag just hangs from the crib.  The dresser (changing table) is perpendicular to the crib so I just hung it on there and toss 'em in.
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  • We only used disposable in the beginning, so I had a diaper genie.  Then we switched to cloth, but daycare won't do cloth, so we still use disposables there.  So I put the diaper genie in the bathroom for the one disposable I take off of him every day, and use a pail in his room with a pail liner for the cloth.  If I hadn't already had the diaper genie, I'd probably just throw the disposables in the kitchen trash and not worry about it.  Our pail for cloth is a plastic full size trash can with a pedal flip lid.  I have Wahmies liners and they fit great. 


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  • Our changing station is in the bathroom so when we use 'sposies (mostly that's just liners when we've been out and about) I just toss them in the bathroom trash.

    We have the wetbag hanging on the doorknob.

    We actually have two wetbags so that while one is in the laundry we've got a place to put the dirties that happen. If you want a second, I recommend the fuzzibunz one that has a zipper across the bottom.

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  • I wouldn't buy anything special for the sposies. We just use a regular trash bag. I've never smelled it.
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  • We did sposies for about a week.  We just hung a grocery bag from the side of the PNP and dumped stuff in there, then tied it up and carried it downstairs to the main trash.  NB diapers are so tiny and really don't stink too much if it's EBM poo so it wasn't a big deal.
  • I personally have a Diaper Genie, but I only use disposable and don't plan to switch. I actually only use the diaper genie if I'm upstairs and put all other diapers in the kitchen trash. (The majority of them go there). I also don't have the bags made for the diaper genie...I just use regular trash bags. 

    I personally think that if you are only using disposables for a little bit (especially when the poo doesn't stink) it would be a waste to get a separate pail for them!

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  • We used sposies until DD was 6 days old.  We just threw them away in our kitchen trash can.  We got a regular Sterilite kitchen trash bin (plastic) with a lid to use as our CD bin.  I added a WAHMIES liner.  It's great!
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