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Has anyone has PP sex before the 6 week PP mark?  DH & I are having a hard time waiting but I don't want to do it if it will do more harm than good.  I don't go for my check-up until May 10th and really don't want to wait that long!  I've been able to help him out (TMI, sorry) but that doesn't do me any good!

I had a C-Seciton if that matters....

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Re: PP Sex

  • I had a vaginal birth, so I can't help you there, but just make sure you use protection...I had a friend who did "it" before her 6 week appointment and she didn't think to use anything.  So she got a lecture from her doctor and had to take a pregnancy blood test before her doctor would prescribe any birth control.  Luckily it was negative!

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  • there is a reason that you are told to wait. 


    I had a c/s and there was no way I was having sex before 6 weeks.  I was way too sore to even think about it, not to mention bleeding profusely.

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  • hell no! It was 12 weeks before I let dh touch me.  and then it wasn't until 5 months or so before I could enjoy it again.  I've seen other girls on the national boards that didn't wait. 
  • I have seen ladies on the national boards who didn't wait, but that definitely wasn't us.  ;-)

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  • I think they tell you to wait because of possible infection. I had a CS as well and don't even remember how long we waited-all I know is DD is about 10mos old and its still not enjoyable to me!
  • I'm guessing it is to reduce any risks.. like for the cervix and uterus to return to normal, prevent infection, aid healing.  I think most people are just too exhausted!!  Go you for even thinking about it, lol :)
  • As long as your lochia is done you *should* be fine.

    I was so sore & torn I couldn't even think about it that soon!

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  • I was cleared at 4 weeks PP even though I had a really bad tear (And had some remaining sutures!).. If i recall properly you did have a long labor before your c/s and dilated right? I thought the concern was that the cervix needed to be fully closed.. which the only way you'd know is by your dr checking..
    That being said.. my BFF had sex LESS than 2 weeks after her c/s with twins.(and she was dilated and stuff before they were born).. and I guess all was fine..

    I am pretty sure it was more than 12 weeks before we even tried.. and like 9 months before it was remotely enjoyable.

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  • We waited 5 weeks with each (#1 was vaginal and #2 was c/s) I didn't have any pain either time - although I was still sorta spotting here and there with #2. My OB does pp appts at 4 DH figured that was good enough.

    But we also didn't have any sex past 35 weeks or so.


  • We waited, mainly because I had no interest, and it took that long for me to get any mojo back. When I went to my 6 wk appt, my doctor told me we could have started again at least a week earlier.
  • I had a CS OB didn't have me on any pp paperwork said "when comfortable". 

    It was a long time before I had any desire. I wasn't sleep deprived, but I had zero drive. I bled for a long time obviously that was part of it. I was also allowed to use tampons if I wanted, but I didn't.

    My desire is finally back (still bf too)....and sex is finally really good again!

    I say, if you really have the desire.....go for it! Use protection, go slow, and stop if anything doesn't feel right! In 3 months you may be too tired! lol 

  • I had a c/s and we've been trying since I was cleared at 6weeks but it was super uncomfortable...but we *finally* had some good sex this weekend...(so thats like 13 weeks)...

    i agree with june...if you are ready go for it- go slow and enjoy it! 

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