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Hello Ladies! I am from Huntington, WV originally but we just recently moved to Martinsburg, WV! :) I am 32 weeks pregnant today with my 2nd baby girl. I already have one daughter, who is 2 (will be 3 in June). My pregnancy is going pretty well. Lots of back pain, and insomnia... but other than that I can't really complain! My first daughter was a C-Section, so this one will be too. Hoping they take me at 38 weeks, but if all is going well with my BP and everything they will take her at 39! One thing that upsets me about my new doctor here, as opposed to my old dr. in Huntington - is that they only do TWO U/S :( I had like 5 with my first daughter, including a 3D/4D. Here they only do them at the beginning to determine your EDD and then again for the gender! :( Should I try to find one of the 3D/4D places, or is it just a waste of money since I am so close now? I just want to see her!!! :P
Me: 30 DH: 30
DD1: 8 (6/11/07)  DD2: 5 (6/15/10)
BFP 10/13/2014 ... Natural M/C 10/25/14
BFP...11/25/14! Grow Baby Grow! :)
*our 3rd and our last*
Repeat C/S scheduled for 7/29/15
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