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Ergo or Mei Tei??

Which one is better?

I have a Baby Bjorn and it hurts my back. I have back issues anyways, but I hardly wear the Bjorn and it hurts instantly!

I have heard great things about both.  More recently I was reading about the Mei Tei. 

Can you sit down with the Mei Tei comfortably?  I heard that the Ergo is not that comfy when sitting down,b ut then again...I usually am up and doing things with carrying her anyways. 


This will be a mother's day present...just like the other posterS!  I can't wait!!

Re: Ergo or Mei Tei??

  • I'm comfy in the mei tai when I sit, but not so much with the Ergo.  I like them both for different things - the Ergo is great for long walks and if we're in a rush, the mei tai is awesome for shopping or doing housework.
  • I can sit in my mei tei pretty comfortably. Sometimes, I have to lean back a little bit, but it's not uncomfortable. I just got mine a few weeks ago, and I love it. I don't have an Ergo, so I can't help you with the comparison.
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  • I have a mei tai and just got an ergo alittle while ago. The mei tai is better for a younger smaller baby but after a while the mei tai starts to lack support for a bigger baby. The ergo is super comfy and super easy. I have a moby, a sling, a generic bjorn, a mei tai and an ergo. The ergo is by far our favorite.
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