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Visiting NYC with 8 month old... Ideas?!

We used to live in the city, and will be back next weekend visiting. We're staying in the West Village. Any suggestions for places to go/things to do with an 8 month old? If the weather is nice, we're planning on setting up shop in the park for most of the day, but would love to hear other ideas, baby-friendly restaurants (for brunch or din), etc.

Re: Visiting NYC with 8 month old... Ideas?!

  • i have a brunch recommendation! we frequently go to petite abeille for brunch on the weekends. there are always tons of babies and kids there, i think all of the families from stuy town/peter cooper go there. our dd is 10 weeks old and we've always been able to just park our stroller next to the table. we haven't tried going to any other restaurants with her yet.
  • Click on my blog, baby to go, (link in siggy) I am a Queens based mom who writes about restaurant recs, travel (on public transport, cabs etc) and activities. you can click on the NYC tag... good luck! I hope you will find NYC is very baby friendly!
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