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Quick and Easy L&D on DH's Bday!

Tuesday, April 20, I had a doctor's appointment. When she checked me I was 2cm dilated and 50% effaced. I told her the past few nights I'd been having a ton of Braxton Hicks contractions and actually had a few times where I thought I felt my water start to trickle. But it always turned out to be a false alarm. She told me she'd be surprised if I made it to my induction date and told me to call if I was having contractions (5 minutes apart for an hour) or if my water broke.  (FWIW, I lost my mucus plug at 37wks.  It was bright red and I continued to have "bloody show" for the next week off and on.  I was 1cm and 50% at 36 and 37 wks.)
I got home from my appointment at around 6:30/7. DH's mom was in town to help out the week before my induction so that we could get some stuff done that wouldn't have gotten done without an extra set of hands around. I was pretty much helpless at this point and Matthew was running me ragged whenever DH was gone. So this was such a huge help! So when I got home, MIL had Matthew in the tub and some of DH's friends had taken him to dinner for his birthday which was the next day. After Matthew went down to bed, MIL and I were in the living room watching TV. I got up to start the dishwasher and walked back into the living room and felt a small trickle and stopped dead in my tracks. Hmmmm.... I remembered that feeling... So I took another step and got another trickle. I think MIL was in the middle of saying something at that point but I just totally zoned out for a second and just said "I think maybe my water just broke." Then I took another step and felt the small gush and said "Yep my water just broke!" and ran to the bathroom! She was shocked and so was I! After I dealt with that little problem I ran to get my phone and call DH to come home! Of course I called twice with no answer and on the third ring he picked up. "Ummm my water just broke!" I'm pretty sure he said "are you serious?!" or something like that and said he'd be there soon! I ran around the house collecting last minute things to throw in my bag and called the doc who said to go to the hospital (duh). I only felt some very light contractions while doing all this but with every step I took, there was no doubt my water had definitely broken! I also called my parents and told them my water had broken and so they jumped in their car and began the 2.5/3 hr drive to get here.
DH got home about 15 minutes later and we packed up and headed to the hospital. We got there about 10pm and I changed into my cute hospital gown that I got from (I got so many compliments on it and it didn't get bloody at all) and they got my IV in (ouch!) and got me hooked up to the monitors. They went ahead and started pitocin at 11 b/c I wasn't contracting too much on my own yet. I had already started asking the nurses when I could get my epidural just so I'd know and they said I could have it anytime I wanted. Good to know. :) At about 12:15 the contractions were about 5 minutes apart...some of them were off the charts in terms of how intense...literally off the graph/chart thing on the monitor. I knew my epi wasn't far away! By 12:30 the contractions were extremely tough to take and I saw no reason why relief shouldn't come! I was at 3cm and so ready for it! I don't see how you au natural girls do it...but more power to you!  I was proud that I lasted that long!
After I got the epi at 1am (which hurt this time didn't hurt much more than a bee sting with Matthew but this time I wanted to cry!), my parents arrived. They were excited but tired and I told them to go back to my house and sleep for awhile. Mom wanted no part of that. She was going to go sit in the waiting room until it was time. I thought that was ridiculous since I was dilated to 4cm now (at 2am) and we live 15 minutes from the hospital. There was no talking her out of it though so they ended up going to the car to sleep. At this point I started noticing I was itching like crazy (my nose especially and my belly) but it was just a side effect from the epidural. I didn't get that with my epi last time. But since my epi was working perfectly it was a price I was more than willing to pay.
I tried to sleep a little but really don't think I did. Baby's heart rate kept dropping during contractions and they thought the cord might be pinched so I had to keep an oxygen mask on for awhile. It wasn't anything too alarming but they went ahead and monitored it pretty closely. The mask REALLY made my nose itch!! At around 3:15 the nurse came in to check my progress again and said I was at 7 cm! As soon as they said this I started shaking like crazy! I guess just from the nerves and anxiety because it started immediately when they said I was "7 maybe 8". They said it was another side effect of the epi but considering I never had it until they sprung that surprising news on me, I don't think it was. I think I was just in shock!  One nurse predicted he'd be here around 7ish but they don't know how my labors go apparently!
30 minutes later I started feeling some pressure and so the nurse checked me again and I was 9.5. My doctor wasn't on call at the time so they put a call into the doc that WAS on call and I told them to call MY doctor too b/c I thought she'd want to know and might even come deliver me. I love my doc and I really knew she'd come. I was starting to shake more and get super nervous, excited, etc...and DH goes "I'm going to get some coffee." If looks could kill that boy would be 6 feet under right now. He was going to leave to go get some COFFEE?? NOW?? He saw my look and said "what?" and I was just like "I don't think you'll need coffee to wake you up right now!" Ughhh....he eventually snuck out and came back with his stupid coffee. I don't know why that upset me so much.
So anyway, we called and woke up my parents in the car and my mom came up to join in all the excitement before it was time to push. At this point they had me propped up in bed so that baby could "labor down" while they were waiting on the doctor. And to everyone's surprise (well, except mine) MY doctor walks in with a great big smile on her face and hugs me and said she wouldn't miss this! She is so great. I just love her. Things started moving quick after that and my mom started to gather up her stuff to go sit in the waiting room and I stopped her and told her if she wanted to stay she could. She wasn't expecting this at all since it was just DH in there for Matthew's birth while the entire family waited outside. But since it was just my mom up there, I realized I was really really glad she was there alone so that she could be there to see Mason born without me having to say "Ok i want my mom in the room but not you MIL...".  (She was still home with Matthew getting updated by phone.) I did reinforce to both of them that only people wearing scrubs were allowed below my head. So with my mom with the camera on one side and my husband with the video camera on the other we got started. They told me to push with the next contraction which I did...3 pushes with that contraction I think. Then doc told me, "He'll be here with the next contraction." No. Way. And what do you know? I pushed twice more with the next contraction and there he was. No biggie. Just like that. Guess the old saying about how the second one just falls out can be quite true!! He was absolutely perfect and let out a couple of little squeaky cries. I look at my doctor and asked if he was "ok" and she knew I meant did he look like he might have Down's (we had an abnormal first tri screening that gave us a 1:350 chance for DS and passed on the amnio after Level II Ultrasound showed things looked normal) and she said "that's the first thing I looked for. He's perfect."
So Mason Presley was born on April 21, 2010 (his daddy's 31st birthday) at 4:41 am after about 7 1/2 hours of labor and 4 minutes of pushing. He was 8lbs, 8.3oz and 21 3/4" long. (By the way, Matthew was born at 1:44 and Mason was born at 4:41. Pretty cool.)
I tore the exact same way I did with Matthew but for some reason I am not in nearly as much pain as I was last time. I couldn't sit on my butt for at least a week after Matthew was born and could barely walk b/c of the pain. This time I was up and moving (slowly) but the pain has been so much more manageable. It probably has to do with the fact that I only pushed for 4 minutes so I'm not dealing with the awful hemmies I had after pushing for 15/20 minutes with Matthew.  (Thank God they were both quick!!).  So we are all home now and doing just great!  Adjusting to dealing with a toddler and newborn is hard though and I feel guilty sometimes about not being able to show as much attention to Matthew as I normally do, since I'm breastfeeding and always on duty with Mason.  But it will work itself out soon and I'm just loving being the mommy of 2 beautiful little boys!!  
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Re: Quick and Easy L&D on DH's Bday!

  • Congratulations on your healthy baby boy!  That's really nice how it worked out for your mom to be in the room.  And I'm jealous of how great your doctor is too!
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  • Congratulations to you and your family! ?Your story made me cry... partly because the little man inside of me is going to be a Mason too. ?What a beautiful story.
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  • what a great story!!! So beautiful! congrats on your litte boy
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