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Avent bottle sterilizer set - weird smell?

First I apologize for my ticker being out of date. I had my LO last week and I haven't had time to change it yet.

Have you found that the sterilizer makes the nipples smell like burnt rubber? Are they supposed to smell like that? I even tried boiling the nipples to see if that would get the smell out. I wonder if that could do LO harm.

And I've got a couple of bottles from the set that leak. It's all pretty aggravating and I had heard good things about the set.


Re: Avent bottle sterilizer set - weird smell?

  • I don't have the burnt rubber smell with mine but it could be your microwave is hotter or something which makes the nipples heat up more. Does the smell go away after they cool down?

    For the bottles, yes the gold ones from Avent do leak. I found that putting the nipple ring on tight, then loosening it a bit stops the leak. The clear Avent bottles do not leak if you want to get some of those.

  • My Avent sterilizer has a weird smell too! I was actually thinking of not using it anymore. So frustrating considering how expensive it was! It's not a burnt smell, but a nasty smell :(
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  • My sterilizer had a warm plastic smell to it at first but that has gone away with use. None of my bottles leaked unless I did not get the bottle/adapter ring into that little groove on the nipple, then LO and I would end up wearing the formula. I had both the gold and clear bottles and preferred the gold bottles (We are on Dr. Browns now) The burnt rubber smell I would guess is the nipples getting to hot. I would check the strength of your microwave and then check the time to heat it again. We haven't had that smell and I would probably toss the nipples because sometimes heat can change the plastic. You can call Avent about it since you are using their products (sterilizer and nipples)...
  • My Avent sterilizer doesn't smell...hope it doesn't start to!!! I heard that you should use distilled water when you are constantly heating and reheating water...it wouldn't hurt to try.
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