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Anyone use a superyard around tv stand?

How did u set it up so your LO wouldnt push in the panels? Just picked one up at a garage sale. We have an old tv stand that my LO loves to climb on. Do u happen to have a photo? Thanks

Re: Anyone use a superyard around tv stand?

  • Excuse the mess, this was taken a while back. The tv/stand are up against the wall and the gate is as well on the ends.



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    Exactly what I had in mind...thank you (mess? u should see my house!) Do u have the ends bolted to the wall or do they just stay up?Thanks again
  • We're in an apartment so we didn't bolt them. We have some heavy toy bins in front of where they meet the wall though!
  • We did the exact same thing as posted and put two bins on either side and tucked the end of the panels behind the bins.  Worked great.
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  • image

    Have the yard going nearly all around, but then another side set like a V on the inside of that.

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