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Hospital Costs?

We are trying to get a better idea of our finances before our daughter arrives in September, and are wondering how to calculate hospital costs? We will be delivering at St. David's North. Anyone have any advice? We do have insurance that covers 85%, so that's a relief! 

Re: Hospital Costs?

  • You can usually get an estimate of costs from your insurance company by telling them what kind of delivery you think you might have.  It will definitely be a ballpark number and then I would add about 15% on top of that as a cushion.
  • i would call st. david's.  they can usually give you a ball park for a typical vaginal and c-section.  they usually call your ins. ahead of time so they should be able to give you an estimate.
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  • and keep in mind...that you will most likely get charged twice...once for YOU having the baby and once for the BABY being born.

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  • just got a $15k bill for our stay which included a c/s and staying wed - sun.  thank God for insurance!  i think we still have more charges coming.
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  • I had no epidural (more money) and after insurance we paid a little over $1000 at St. David's Round Rock.
  • And keep in mind that St. David's knocks off 20% if you pay in full.
  • Our insurance covers 90% and we had our ds at St. David's Round Rock. My hospital charges were $400. I had a regular vaginal birth with epidural. That also includes my ds' circumcision costs too.


  • my max out-of-pocket is $2k, insurance covers 80% after $500 deductible. i will be paying the full $2k limit btwn my doctor's fees (~$600 = 20%) and the hospital and assist doctor fees (>$1500 = 20%) for my c-section.
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