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How did I not realize my water broke?!?

Sunday, February 7th, I began to feel light contractions in the evening but they were pretty bearable and not much worse than the Braxton Hicks contractions I have been feeling for weeks. By that day I was almost 3 days overdue and ready to meet my little guy. I was sure that things weren't going to happen on their own though, and I would be induced that next Thursday which was recommended by the Dr. That night around midnight I got up to use the restroom and couldn't go back to sleep because the contractions were getting worse. They were still pretty far apart, so I decided to let my hubby sleep and I would just see what the Dr. said at my 7:30am appointment Monday morning. I was up most of the night and in the morning my hubby and I set out for my appointment. Just to be on the safe side, we put our bags in the car before we left. During my appointment, the Dr. informed us that my water had broken but had ruptured on the top and was only a small hole so I didn't really notice it. He sent us on our way to the hospital where they put in my IV (3 tries ouch!) and started me on Pitocin to increase my contractions. The Pitocin started kicking in around 12pm and things went from somewhat painful to unbearable. I requested an epidural and it seemed like hours before the anestiologist came in, even though it was only about 15 minutes. Once the epidural started working, I was back to being happy and I told the hub to go down and get some lunch because the nurse said we could be there all night. That's when everything went downhill. After he left, they turned me over to my right side and we think the umbilical cord was compressed because the baby's heartbeat went down to 30 bpm (130-150 is normal) and was not recovering even after switching me over to my other side. At this time they put me on oxygen, quickly called my Dr. who ordered an emergency C-Section and what felt like 20 people entered the room and all started working on me. The hub came back into the room after only being gone less than 10 minutes or so and I filled him in (through a few tears) and he was so comforting through the scary time. Thinking back, i'm sure he was just as scared as I was! I asked him to call my mom and sister and let them know what was going on. A few hours prior, I had talked to both of them and told them not to rush because the delivery wasn't going to happen most likely until the evening, so they were all still back at home which is about an hour away from the hospital. He made the calls and quickly changed into scrubs. Meanwhile, I was being wheeled to the OR where I was given a heavier dosage of anesthesia and was finished being prepped. I didn't feel any pain, just some pressure on my ribs when they delivered Carson. The hub had been by my head, which was behind the curtain during the whole surgery but stood up to see them pull him out and witness his first few moments in this world. I heard his cry and was so relieved and they took him away to be examined. From the time that the Dr. ordered the C-Section to Carson being delivered was less than 30 minutes. As if the day wasn't stressful enough, Carson had fluid in his lungs, therefore he was a tad blue at birth and had to be taken to the nursery to be monitored and the hub went along with them. The Dr. finished stitching me up and I was taken to OR. Every couple minutes I would text the hub and ask how things were going and if Carson was ok and what was going on. I was still very drugged up at this point and made a call to my very frantic sister and parents who had already left and were on their way up here. Soon enough everyone came back to recovery and I was able to hold my baby which was so emotional. My family showed up shortly after and met Carson for the first time.  We stayed in the hospital for 3 1/2 days and were so relieved to be able to go home on Thursday. I couldn't get out of bed for the first day or so, so the hub was on diaper duty as well as anything else that came up. Being in the hospital was very helpful though because we had tons of questions that I had never even thought of. When we finally got home, we spent the next few days relaxing as a family and getting to know each other. Carson is the most precious thing I have ever laid eyes on and I feel so lucky to have him healthy and safe. He is not a big fan of his bassinet and only sleeps well right next to one of us, but that has been fine with me because I have a hard time being away from him. I started feeling much better after about a week and was fully recovered in about 4 weeks. It was hard having the birth go so differently from what I had spent 9 months planning but in the end, all I wanted was a healthy baby, which is what I got. 

Re: How did I not realize my water broke?!?

  • Congratulations on your little boy and on everything turning out well despite the scary emergency c-section.  That is interesting to know that your water can leak and you not notice it!
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  • I know what it's like to have the delivery you did not plan on.  But as long as Carson is healthy that is all that matters!
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