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Should've gone natural as planned...

Baby boy is here, and smaller than estimated LONG - sorry.


I was induced 4-22 due to suspected macrosomia, excessive swelling, GBS positive, and issues with my IBS.  I arrived for my induction at 7.  By 9:00 Pitocin, antibiotics, and fluid were all running. 

At 10:30 I was between a 2 & 3, so he broke my water.  Baby was still -4 station.  About 1:00 my sister had talked me into an epidural.  Boy, was that a mistake! My blood pressure dropped. I had to have to hits of epinephrine.  This in turn made the baby's heart rate erratic.  He slowly adjusted, and I was given Zofran for nausea.  It only worked on one side, and I could not lift my right leg.  I was not happy.  My last 3 births were epi free, & I should';ve held out on this one.  I truly regret the useless epi with all that I am,

At 3:30 I was only a 4, and baby was in same station.  The nurse and I started talking about a c-section.  All of a sudden about 3:45 I felt a burning sensation with a lot of pressure.  I knew something had changed.  My wonderful nurse agreed to check me again.  I was a 10, but there was a small lip.  OB was called, along with several other nurses.  I pushed for 2 contractions when they had to turn off the epidural.  We waited for it to wear off enough so that I could feel where to push.  I began pushing again.  Baby was still very high. 

There was also the issue of tearing.  In my 3 previous pregnancies I experienced 4th degree tears in 3 directions.  When baby's head was about half way out the OB had me stop pushing so that I could stretch around baby (hoping to prevent a tear),  After a while he could see that there was no way I was going to stretch that big.

He performed an episiotomy,  I also tore internally.  I asked the OB how many stitches - he said he stopped counting.  Baby Harry V was born at 4:56. He was 8 lb 9 oz.  OB had projected 10lb based on 33 week sono & me measuring between 4-6 weeks ahead.

He had some breathing problems in the first cpl of hours, but everything seems to be ok now.  I am breast feeding him now, and he is already a pro.  He has eaten 3 times in the last 2 hrs.  He is a monster already, lol.

Recovery will be a LONG process, but he is SSSSSOOOOO worth it,

Re: Should've gone natural as planned...

  • Congrats on your little baby.  I hope your recovery goes well!
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  • Ouch! Your tear sounds awful, but I hope the recovery is quick.  You sound very brave about it.  It's interesting to hear your experience with the epi. Thanks for sharing everything and congratulations!
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