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Plans for the Weekend?

It is supposed to be gorgeous here Saturday - can't wait!


I'm driving to Buffalo this afternoon for a girls night with friends and then I have a Lia Sophia party Saturday night back home.

Sunday is supposed to be rainy so it will be a movie and snuggle day.

Re: Plans for the Weekend?

  • Today- we are having company for dinner, and steaks on the grill.

    Tomorrow, since I have my bff's dog in addition to my own, we will take them for walks someplace, either in the woods or along the canal, Maybe do some yardwork, and I need to get started on cleaning out the basement before my garage sale.

    Sunday, laundry, relaxing, watching the yankees. (Can I jsut say I hate west coast games? I can't stay up that late).


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  • Tonight- making dinner at home, and PRAYING for a Sabres win!!!

    Sat- DH is working in the am (8-12) and then we might go to the mall or some other running around (DH's bday $ is burning a hole in his pocket) then maybe out to eat

    Sun- A friends DD's (Evan's girlfriend!) 1st birthday party in the afternoon.

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  • Today- tons of laundry. Taking Justin to my dad's farm (he just got 100 baby chicks) and then out to our usual Friday dinner with my ILs.

    Saturday-  Working on the yard then work 2-8. Baking a bday cake for my little brother at night.

    Sunday-  Communion mass and brunch for DH's cousin. Finishing cake with J naps. Then going out to dinner for my little brother's birthday. Hosting cake/presents for him at my house after.

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  • Tonight:  Taking Stella for a walk when DH gets home.  Watching some playoff hockey & rolling change while enjoying some family time.

    Saturday: Kohl's, bank to open an account for Stella, probably some chores

    Sunday: No plans....more chores and family time probably

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  • Today - laundry, dinner with my guys, make flowers for my cake class on Monday night

    Saturday - Albany baby GTG! Bake cake for Monday class while ds naps (hopefully), then drop him off at my parents and have a real date night!

    Sunday - frost cake, dinner at my parents while dh refs soccer games

    Have a great weekend everyone!

  • work, work work.  I have towork tonight, tomorrow night and Sunday moring.  My next day off isn't until Wednesday.
  • I have absolutely no plans and it feels wonderful!!  We just got home from basically 3 weeks of travelling and I don't want to plan anything but relaxing.
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  • Tonight:  Hopefully getting something yummy to eat for dinner and then watching the hockey game.

    Saturday:  Since the weather is suppose to be nice, we're hoping to get some work done around the yard.  Maybe a movie at night.

    Sunday:  The usual weekend chores- laundry, cleaning, grocery shopping, etc. 

  • Well I was sick all week, but am starting to feel better today.  I was planning on doing errands and visiting, but since dd woke up this morning with a nasty cough and snotty nose I am staying home so that she can get really good naps in.  She naps so-so in the infant car seat now that she is older she would rather stay awake.  So usually on my days off I get her in 1 good nap and then the other 2 are short naps.  But I am hoping that good sleep today might make her feel better quicker.

    During her awake times today we have just gone into the back yard and played in the grass and watched Abby run around.  So at least both of us are getting some sunlight!

  • Spending time with the family and finally getting pictures of Ryan printed to hang/put in frames.  It has only taken me 6 months...  lol
    My first haircut!

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  • Going to the Sabres game tonight, tomorrow I have to go to a community festival on the West Side for work and Sunday - nada.  DH was going hiking with guys from work so I thought it would just be Claire and I but with all the rain it looks like the three of us will be hanging out.

    Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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