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Follow-up on About to give up on AP post... thank everyone for the support. We are doing better already.

I think some of your posts gave me the "permission" I kind of needed to try a few things I thought weren't really AP, like the crib and the pacifier. It's way too early to raise the victory flag, but last night was a big improvement. I am hopeful and feeling renewed in terms raising my son in a way that I feel good about, but with a little more flexibility that allows me to take better care of myself in the process.

Thank you all again - I definitely see myself hanging out here more often!

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Re: Follow-up on About to give up on AP post...

  • Yay!

    I didn't see the original thread, but I consider myself AP and we tried a paci (DS only took it for a couple months but it let me get some extra naps in so well worth it) and DS has been a crib sleeper most of his life.  AP is about listening to your child and being in tune enough to know what works best for him or her, not following a set formula.  For us, that's a crib.  DS sleeps much better in there and DH and I sleep better without him in our bed.  And that's ok.  He still comes to bed with me if he's sick because then he needs the extra cuddles and that's ok too.

    I hope your nights continue to improve!

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  • I'm glad things are looking up.  Sounds like you have a good perspective on things.  Stick around!


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  • Glad to hear things are better.

    If it makes you feel better, I consider myself AP (maybe AP lite?) and DD has slept every night of her life in her crib. And I don't think there's anything un-AP about pacifiers either-they satisfy your child's need to suck.  

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  • ITA with the first poster.  AP is about listening and responding to your child.  If a paci will help your family sleep better then so be it!  I am glad last night was better and GL keeping it up!
  • I'm glad things are better today!  I hope they keep looking up.  Hope to see you around here more often.  :)
  • I'm glad you're feeling a bit better. I find it's day by day...I know certain things like the crib & paci & swing aren't looked at as AP, but if it works for you & your baby, that's all that matters!
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