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baby shower rules

Does anyone know the rules on baby showers?  I have 3 children ages 14, 6, and 4, I had baby showers for my first and second because they were so far apart and different genders, i am expecting my 4th in november, do i have a baby shower or no?

Re: baby shower rules

  • I wouldn't' consider them "rules".  a baby shower is thrown to give the family all the supplies /clothes they will need for the new baby.  since this is your 4th I assume you have all of that and need, no baby shower necessary. 

  • There are no "rules", but I wouldn't expect one... if someone throws you a shower, that's awesome, if not you could always have a "welcoming" party once the baby is born.
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  • It all depends if someone offers to throw you one. I wouldn't expect that though in your situation.
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