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Bugaboo vs. Uppa Baby

Hi all,

 I have read a few articles about these strollers but I'm still not sure which one to get.  Obviously the Uppa Baby is significantly cheaper.  Is the only reason to pay more for the Bugaboo the reputation/ (like have a LV handbag) or are there other genuine advantages to Bugaboo that Uppa Baby doesn't offer?   Any help is great.


Re: Bugaboo vs. Uppa Baby

  • I'm leaning toward the Uppa because it's about 30% cheaper, meaning we'll have enough "left over" to buy an umbrella stroller (Maclaren, Cybex, G-Luxe/G-Lite) if we want one when the baby is sitting up and a little less fragile. Also, the Uppa frame stands on its own when you remove the bassinet and fold it, which will be convenient when we want to leave it on the landing outside our apartment without disturbing our neigbors by having it crash down. I like the fact that you can fold the Uppa with the toddler seat attached, making it (hopefully) easier to put in the trunk of a cab. Not sure whether I'll ever be able to get it on a bus... it's definitely not a one-hand fold like the City Mini. Last, I'm pretty sure the Uppa has rubber tires, not air-filled, which means no flats. On the other hand, friends of ours went with the Bug because it's a bit narrower, has a more sophisticated suspension/cushier ride, and they couldn't get comfortable with how to fold the Uppa. Of course, they also found their Bug on Craigslist for like $650 from some family who bought it and then changed their mind having barely used it, so..
  • I am going with the uppababy. The differences were indistinguishable to me when I out them side by side in buy buy baby. Also being over 6 foot the bugaboo was much too short for me so that made the decision (along with the price) that much easier.
  • I have the bugaboo frog. LOVE IT! (I write about it... and tons of travel gear in my baby travel blog, baby to go... link in siggy) I chose the bug over the uppa baby because it is lighter and narrower.  good luck!
  • i went with the bugaboo bee!
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