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EC first thing in the morning?

We have sort of been doing EC for a little while, but only when DD gets a diaper change (we let her go in her open diaper).  We just started doing the potty and I try to get her to go first thing in the morning, before I nurse her.  She does not go for this, she gets mad and wonders why I'm not feeding her.  Should I keep at it or just focus on EC at other times during the day?  I am interested in doing it part-time for now.
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Re: EC first thing in the morning?

  • Try feeding her then immediately take her to the potty.  I've done this with DS and it's worked for us.
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  • can you nurse her while hanging her bum out over a potty or basin?  that's what our EC support group leader usually suggests trying.
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  • We actually only use the potty in the morning...

    I feed Henry a little bit when he is waking up (he sleeps in our bed). After he's had enough, I hustle him to the potty and he goes every time.  I think the key is that once he is actually physically up from bed, he's immediately on the potty.

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  • my DD is a little older and waits a little bit before eating in the AM, but usually since i let her play in her crib for a few minutes before going to get her she has already peed.


    she'll almost always go right after being fed though. 

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