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anyone in the advertising field?

I see there are a few posts on here about relocating to Denver, so it looks like I will be adding to that.  I posted a question about living in Denver a few weeks ago and got some really good feedback regarding schools, cost of living, etc.


My husband and I live in the DC area.  We are expecting our first baby and looking for a house, which has proved to be a very frustrating experience. It is so expensive.  And if you find something you like it isn't unusual to have 5-10 bids placed.  We will continue to look, but we have talked about relocating if nothing pans out. We know that Denver is more affordable than DC, plus it is a good place to raise a family. And from what I understand there is currently a huge surplus in housing?  My husband has lots of family out there so it would make a move like that much easier.  


Our big challenge will be finding jobs.  I am in the advertising field, media specifically. So I was wondering if anyone on this board is in the advertising field or know anyone that is in the Denver area? I know there are lots of agencies there from doing research.  But I am unsure of what that job market is like.  We wouldn't move this year, so this question may be premature, but I have been thinking about it quite a bit and would like to get some feedback if at all possible.  



Re: anyone in the advertising field?

  • Hi! There is a great resource for job seekers in Denver. It's posted by Andrew Hudson (PR guy in Denver that worked for the mayor and such). His website has an entire section devoted to advertising jobs. I rec it to everyone I know in marketing and advertising looking for jobs.


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