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Q. for home birth/birth center moms

I am in my 1T and figuring out which birthing option to go with.  I have an appointment with a RN/mid-wife "cohort" that deliver at a local hospital (the best for more natural births- have a birth tub but still the hospital) and then I am signed up for my first appoint one week earlier at a birth center with a mid-wife. (Trying to decide if I should cancel the RN/mid-wife appt)

I just learned my health insurance won't pay a penny of the birth center birth but the center said they have to cover pre-natal.  The birth center will do ultrasounds and bill your insurance but I don't think it will be covered. (I can afford the basic prenatal/delivery/aftercare flat rate out of pocket but can't afford anything that is billed extra on top of that)

Did anyone do a home/birth center birth but still find a clinic to do the 20 week visit with ultrasound so that you could get it covered by insurance?

Thanks- I wasn't sure which board this fit on.


Re: Q. for home birth/birth center moms

  • Are you planning on not having any prenatal care? 

    or are you planning on doing everything with the birth center midwife that can be covered by insuirance and just looking for the 20 week scan to be done offsite so it is covered?

    I was actually sent to a ultrasound center for my 20 week scan the center I went to worked with my insurance so it was not an issue.  Personally if I were you I would work with the midwive the practices out of the hospital since your insurance is not willing to cover a birth center.

    My insurance covers birth centers and hospital births at 90% and all of my prenatal at 100% minus the copay.  they would not cover a home birth.

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  • I was a planned birth center birth with my son (ended up in the hospital with an e-c-section).  my insurance would have covered the birth center birth, though.  But the midwives did not do a 20 week scan normally.  I got one because I asked for it and they wrote me a "prescription" for one and I went to an ultrasound place to have it done.  Everything for both of my births has been covered by insurance.

    Why won't they cover the birth?  If they are covering the prenatal visits there, I can't see what the difference is.

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  • I plan on giving birth at my local birth center with midwives, but got an NT scan and will be having an anatomy scan at a big hospital. My midwife just called over and scheduled it for me, no problem.
  • My midwife also just called over to the hospital and requested my ultrasound for me.  I'm not sure if the actual birth will be covered, but we are having the birth center submit everything to the insurance company.
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  • Birth Center mom insurance covered the birth center prenatal care and delivery, but the birth center didn't do u/s.  They have a working relationship with an OB practice just down the street, so that's where I went for my 2 ultrasounds.  Those were billed to my insurance, who thus far are refusing to cover them.  Still working on that one.
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  • i have a CPM who only attends out of hosptial births. my particular ins. plan covers 80% of the costs, as a reimbursable expense.

    my MW gave me a referral for a 20wk u/s to a local clinic. the clinic billed my insurance directly. i didn't pay a co-pay.

    FWIW, with my first pregnancy, i had an OB who did not have u/s capabilities in her office. she gave me a referral to the exact same local clinic.

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