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Bottle Help Needed

What are the best bottles - price does not matter.  We will be strictly formula fedding, so I want the best that is out there.  I've read that Avent and Dr Browns are the best, however, there have been good/bad reviews about both.  I'd love to hear what your favs are.


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Re: Bottle Help Needed

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    I use Dr. Browns and love them. The down side is you have 2 extra parts to clean, but honestly it is not that difficult. DS was a super gassy baby, so these helped a lot. 
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    I dont have my baby here yet but I did work in a nursery at a day care in college and I take care of my nephew who is a year and with dr browns if you over tighten the lid they leak you half to get them just right I see alot of bad reviews on these simply because people dont know I think over all its just what your baby likes some babys are picky other dont care as long as the milk comes out I would get a couple and hold off buying a ton and see what works best for you I also want to try the weil baby bottles I have herd they are great but never used them my self also they come in glass and I am a big fan of glass bottles
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    We used dr browns and will use them again next baby.  Never had spit up or hardly ever gasy baby. 
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    A friend went with me to register and she mentioned that she hated Dr. Brown's because of the multiple parts that required cleaning.

    I ended up registering for the Playtex bottles with inserts and Mam bottles. 

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    I dont think there is one 'right' baby bottle. For our daughter we tried about five different types, Born Free, Dr. Browns, Adiri, Nuby, and finally Soothie. Out of all the types (and all the money invested) our daughter decided that she like the soothie the best.

    I know that a lot of people swear by Dr. Brown for anti gas and anti colic but I have never had any of those problems and my thought is that some of that can just be based on the child.

     Maybe you can registar (or buy) just a few of a few different brands so  you can try them out when the baby comes.

    Just a side note- dont stock up on too many really small bottles. You can always put three ounces in a nine ounce bottle but you will never be able to put nine ounces in a three ounce bottle! Just something to think about...

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    Thanks ladies for all the suggestions and good point about not needing too many small bottles.  That's exactly the kind of stuff that I don't think about when I'm at the store and thousands of little baby items are staring at me :-)
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    We use the Playtex Drop-ins and they work just fine.  And are SUPER easy to clean since you just throw out the liner.  Although pp's are right about each baby being different on what they like.

    If you do go with the Drop-ins, here's a helpful tip:  you don't have to buy the Playtex liners.  You can buy the Walmart or Target generic liners for a lot cheaper and they work just as well.  ;-)

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    I had the avent with my twins and I HATED them...they leaked terribly.  This time around we are going to try the tommee tippee...although I have no idea if they are good or not.  We will see!
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