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We are located between Baton Rouge and New Orleans (small town) and yes we have both lived here since birth.  DH was in Alexandria weekend before last getting ready to go to Haiti for AT in June but he does go out to Ft. Polk on occasion for whatever reason.  Anyway have you been living here long?  It isn't as much fun living around that area as it is down here closer to where all of the fun events take place.

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  • Hey,

    We have been down here going on three years now. Your right it isn't much fun living where we do. If we want to do anything we have to go to Alex or Lake Charles, and even Shreveport from time to time. I am very use to living in Chicago so it was a big culture shock. I do love the weather down here though and the food lol.My friend keeps promising me to take me to Lafayette. I keep wanting to go to New Orleans but my husband's schedule is wacky (he is an MP). If we are here in October I want to go down there for all the Haunted tours and stuff.

    I do love crawfish....never though I would and it took a lot of convincing but man when July hits I am missing them lol. 

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