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Kansas City hospitals that work with natural child births?

I am looking for a Kansas City hospital that will allow me to birth naturally in different positions, possibly water, etc. Has anyone had any good experiences with natural births at any KC hospitals? Thanks

Re: Kansas City hospitals that work with natural child births?

  • I can't say for sure because this is my first baby, but we're delivering at Shawnee Mission Medical Center.  They offer natural child birth classes and have jacuzzis in each room.  It may be worth looking into.  They're a really good hospital.
  • We are using a midwife at St Lukes on the plaza and she is 100% on board with a natural birth.
  • I have had 3 natural births and can say it honestly depends on your nurses.  With my first, I had a horrible nurse when I was in because they thought my BP was high (it wasn't), and she was telling me things like "You'll change your mind, it hurts really bad."  And "you will be sorry you are going to try this."  Fortunately, the nurse I had for delivery was awesome.  The same is true with my other two.  I made sure I had a birth plan on file (that my doctor had signed) and that I had gone over it with my doctor.  I remember when I was having my 3rd that the nurse said "You are in charge, you call the shots."  I knew we'd be okay.


    My first two I had at Menorah (which have jacuzzis in all the rooms) and my 3rd I had at St Luke's South.  I am going back to Menorah this time. 

  • Like PP, I really think it depends on your nurses.  A friend of mine delivered naturally at Menorah and was not happy with her experience due to the nurses.  I'll be delivering at SMMC, they seem to be pretty open.  My doula said that StL on the Plaza is the best option for natural births though.
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  • We worked w/ KC Midwives, specifically Sheila Roth, and delivered at Research Medical.  Thankfully, it went EXACTLY as we had hoped and our nurse and staff were completely on board w/ our birth plan.  HIGHLY recommend them.  The KC Midwives use the two rooms w/ the huge tubs, and not once was I told to lay down or change what I was doing.  They honored my requests and worked beautifully w/ us.  Of course who knows what would have happened if things suddenly changed (for the worse) w/ the baby or me.  But either way, I felt they were very much on the same page as us and were going down our checklist of needs/wants from our birth plan and didn't question our decisions. 
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