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Saving Desmond (Birth Story & PIP)

Wow I feel like a stranger on here since I?ve been in Babytopia for almost 2 weeks.  Desmond Lucas arrived right smack on his due date and even the time of day I expected (he was always active around 9:30pm and arrived at 9:17pm).  He is such a good baby. He barely cries - only whimpers and maybe lets out one little yelp until you do what he needs, then he stops. We are truly blessed. Even so, these last 9 days have been crazy.  Here?s his birth story.

I started spotting on Friday 4/9.  In fact, I thought my water broke while I was at the cell phone store with my mom. I asked to use the bathroom and the clerk said no until I said, ?Even though I?m due tomorrow and have zero control over my bladder right now?? He gave in and let me go back to the employee bathroom. I had an OB appt in an hour and my mom and I decided to go in early to see if the bloody show was mixed with amniotic fluid or not.  It wasn?t and I was only 2cm.  So, we walked as much as my feet and knees could take and I went home.  I woke up around midnight with slightly painful menstrual cramps that were coming irregularly.  By 2:30, they were 6 minutes apart but not strong.  The midwife told me to labor at home for a few hours but I just had this feeling I needed to be checked.  After I called her back twice, she grudgingly relented and said she?d check me in to L&D.  I was 3 and 80% when I got there and they wanted to send me back home but I asked to be put on the monitor. No clue why - I just felt ?. ?wrong?.  Sure enough, with each contraction, LO?s heart rate dipped drastically. The nurse said, ?Congrats, you just got yourself an admission ticket.?  

A little back mom is a retired OB and wanted to do  my PN care but my insurance co gave us a big fat ?Negative?? on that idea so she decided to act as my doula.  She has the reputation of being the best OB with forceps in our area and has given many lectures & workshops on them.  Also, the national C-section average is kicking around the 30% mark and hers is under 12%.  So, needless to say, as scared as I was, it was reassuring to have my mom there.  She stayed out of the ?official? OB?s way (until the end) while explaining things to me and helping me make decisions.  I wanted to go natural but by 7pm, there were so many cords up my hoo-ha (fetal hr, contractions and an amniotic reinfusion tube) and the risk of an emergency section was so high, I gave in to an epi.  It only took on one side bc if I rolled onto my left, LO pinched his cord and his hr dropped.  They also gave me ? unit of pit (neither my mom nor OB had ever seen anyone react so dramatically to such a small dose, my ctx were off the monitor).  

Long, scary story short, at 9:14 his hr dropped dramatically and all h*ll broke loose.  There were nurses everywhere, they pushed DH out of the way (he ROCKED as a labor coach btw!) and were getting ready to wheel me across the hall for an emergency section.  DH got really scared and started sobbing bc the perinatologist said a section would be life-threatening for me due to a 12cm uterine fibroid.  He was afraid 

I would bleed out (almost did anyway).  Just as they were unhooking my bed my mom appeared in scrubs wielding shiny forceps and yelling, ?Push like h*ll, honey.?  I had to get him out in less than 5 minutes and I did.  With half an epidural and pure cold fear running through my veins, I got him out in less than 5 pushes.  I tore to high hades and ripped my rectal muscles but it was worth it to have my healthy baby laying on my chest.

We named him Desmond Lucas - his mn is in honor of my mom: the doctor, St. Lucas.  Bc of my fibroid, even born on his EDD, Dez only weighed 6lbs 1oz and is 18.25? of adorable, healthy baby!

I haven?t stopped thanking G-d yet and I probably never will!





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