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M/S finally kicked in :o(

I think I brushed my tongue for too long or too deep or something because it made me want to be sick. And then this morning for about an hour at work I was feeling pretty lightheaded and nauseous. I'm pretty sure it has something to do with the hallway that they painted this morning in front of my literally smells like puke (sorry if tmi). I hope that this is a passing thing and won't happen every morning!!!

I'm eating lunch now and I feel ok, but not 100%...I just hope I can have the strength to teach because it's observation month and I'd hate to be sitting behind my desk when the principal walks in!! :o/

Re: M/S finally kicked in :o(

  • Thats how I am starting to feel. Its kicked in, not as bad as some people I know but bad enough for me..
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  • Ugh. I'm sorry it is kicking in. Hopefully it stays mild for you. I know it won't make me too many friends, but I have only had a wave or two of nausea. Otherwise (knocks on wood) I haven't been sick at all. My only symptoms at 6w1d are exhaustion and gas :)  I had sore boobs up until this weekend and miraculously, they're ok now. Still not normal, but tolerable. I'm very fortunate.
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