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I feel like...

sleep training is now reversing itself. DD was awesome at falling asleep for months-would talk/play for 5-10min and be asleep. It was great. The past week or so it has completely gone downhill. Last night she cried for half an hour-I ended up going up and nursing her again. Her nap today she talked/fussed for half an hour again and already tonight she's been fussing for almost 20min now. (Sigh).....just when you think you have things all set, its like starting over! Ugh!

Re: I feel like...

  • I have read that its common to have to re-do sleep training. Hopefully it will pass quickly! Is she teething? working on new milestones?
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  • This past week she started pulling up to stand and making new faces, sounds, etc. No clue about teeth-a few nights ago she got up screaming-so I gave her some motrin and she was fine after but shes been fine since then so I have no idea. She wont let me near her mouth to feel around but I havent seen anything new popping up.
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  • There will be times that things get screwed up. Teething, sickness, growth spurt, switch in routine can all do it. When she's feeling back to normal, her sleep will get back to normal.
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